Name list and Qualification members of Indigenous Women Legal Awareness Group (INWOLAG)

Advisory Board

1. Stella Tamang ( Social Worker )

2. Yasokanti Bhattachan ( Social Worker and Gender Specialist )

3. Yamuna Ghale ( Social Worker )

4. Advocate Moti Kala Dewan ( LLM )


Founder Members

1. Advocate Chhatra K. Gurung ( LLM )

2. Advocate Sarada Subba ( LLM-Present )

3. Advocate Basundhara Thapa ( LLM )

4. Advocate Indira K. Shreesh ( LLM-Present )

5. Advocate Kousila Rai

6. Advocate Uma Tamang

7. Advocate Ritu Thapa Magar ( LLM )


Executive Board

1. Advocate Sarada Subba – Chairperson

2. Advocate Ritu Thapa Magar – Vice Chairperson

Ms Ritu Thapa Magar has hold Masters degree in Conflict Management and International Humanitarian Law. She has also completed LL.M. from Pune University, India. She was a second lady to obtain license of advocate from Nepal Bar Council. Ms. Thapa has wide range of experiences in legal sector and NGOs management programs. She worked as a legal management trainer and an advisor in United Mission to Nepal, as a Legal Officer in Norwegian Refugee Council then as a Program officer in National Democratic Institute in Nepal. Currently, She is actively involving in INWOLAG and sharing her expertise in legal field.

3. Advocate Indira K. Shreesh – General Secretary

4. Advocate Kousila Rai – Treasur

5. Advocate Uma Tamang – Member

6. Advocate Sawonta Thapa – Member

7. Advocate Mon K. Rai – Member


General Member

1.Adv. Laxmi Rai

2.Adv. Chandeswori Tandukar

3.Adv. Basanti Shrestha

4.Adv. Amrita Subba ( Thebe )

5.Adv. Bimda Magar

6.Adv. Ram Pyari Sunuwar

7.Adv. Juna Rai

8.Adv. Chandra K. Gurung

9.Adv. Sajani Joshi

10.Adv. Diel Kumari Rai

11.Adv. Yogita Rai

12.Adv. Bela Rai

13.Adv. Budha Shree Lama

14.Adv. Sujan Lopchan

15.Adv. Sarada Gurung

16.Adv. Shreesti Nanchho

17.Adv. Selima Thapa Mogr

18.Adv. Dhan Maya Rai

19.Adv. Matsya Gurung


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