Nepal is a country with diversity in caste, ethnicity, language, religion, culture, gender, class and region. The Nepal Government has legally recognized 59 indigenous nationalities since 2002. The sensus of 2001 has listed 44 of 59 indigenous peoples and indigenous peoples comprise 37.2% of the total 23 million total population of Nepal. More than 125 langauges and dialects are still alive. Indigenous peoples of Nepal have been dominated, discriminated, marginalized and excluded by the dominant group with ideology, policy and practice and patriarchy since 1768. Indigenous peoples of Nepal are facing multiple discriminations, including racial, linguistic, religious and cultural discriminations. Indigenous women face additional discrimination based on gender. Despite the differences in various social, cultural and economic and gender level there are co-havitation with harmony in the country.

The Indigenous Women’s Legal Awareness Group (INWOLAG) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political, organization established in the year 2000. INWOLAG comprise Indigenous women legal experts and professionals who are dedicated to fight for indigenous women’s human rights.


INWOLAG’s vision is creating an egalitarian and prospective society where there is no domination and discrimination based on race, caste, ethnicity, language, religion, culture, gender, class and region.


INWOLAG’s mission is protection and promotion of the dignity and well being of indigenous women by ending all forms of discrimination and violence against indigenous women and children.

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